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See Yourself in a New Light

Self-Knowledge and Awareness

How many times have you uttered this question, "Why do I keep doing the same thing?"  We all have the proverbial mountain we keep going around while expecting it to be different next time.  And rarely, if ever, is it different.  So, what do we do?

The first step to healing ourselves is to "wake up" to what we are really doing.  So much of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are automatic; like little machines, we keep running our programming.  We can judge ourselves for this, or we can do something much more interesting and helpful ~GET CURIOUS!

The Enneagram is the greatest thing you probably have never heard of! In simplest terms, it is a personality typology but in truth, it is more accurately a road map of the human psyche.  As a therapeutic tool, the Enneagram is like the people mover belts at the airport. Everyone is walking, going through the same motion, but those on the belt are getting there a hell of a lot faster.

Learning about ourselves through the Enneagram allows us to quickly access the motivation and drives that push us to think, feel, and behave in the ways we do.  And armed with this information, we begin to make progress quickly.  

Learn More About the Enneagram

"Ann has fantastic, creative ideas that I've found the most helpful. I was familiar with the Enneagram Personality Types before meeting Ann, but she brought a whole new depth to them."  ~ C.V.

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