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  • Why should I work with you?
    Choosing a therapist to work with is confusing and often feels like taking a shot in the dark. A lot of counselors talk about their theory and approach which rarely means much to most people. What I can tell you is this. I have been in your position before. I know what it's like to need some guidance and not know where to turn. When choosing a counselor, you want to go with someone you connect with, you feel comfortable with, and feel like they understand your situation. And you want someone who has some tools to help guide you to where you want to go. This is why the consultation call is so important!
  • What is involved in the 10 minute consultation call?
    The call allows you to see if you are comfortable with me and I with you. It allows us to see how well we connect, communicate, and understand each other. And it allows me to get to know a bit about your situation and if I am able to help. If for any reason we are not a good fit for each other, I am able to refer you to another counselor in the community that may be a better fit. If we are a good fit, we will discuss appointment scheduling and insurance/fees.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    I currently accept Aetna, Gilsbar 360, United Behavioral Health, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Beacon/Value Options, Humana, and Cigna. Your policy may offer out-of-network benefits, allowing us to work together even if I am not currently on your insurance panel. As a service, we can contact your insurance provider to confirm benefits for you. We will file with your insurance directly, saving you from paying up front and seeking reimbursement from your insurance company yourself.
  • How long does counseling last?
    It varies by person and situation. In general, counseling lasts as long as you find it effective and wish to continue. A good average is about 10 - 15 sessions. I do require a commitment to weekly sessions for at least the first month. After that, sessions every other week may be appropriate. I work best with clients who are highly motivated to make changes and I find we make progress quickly.
  • Do you offer online counseling?
    Yes. I offer online counseling. ​
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