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Introduction to the Enneagram

Saturday, February 27, 2024
1:00pm - 3:00pm
We all have a longing for something more; a restlessness which keeps us from being satisfied with who we are or the quality of our life.
We all believe that this restlessness would go away, be satisfied, if our external life improves in some way--a better job, a better home, a better relationship.
As we have all experienced, the newness wears off and the restlessness soon returns.
What if the "cure" for the restlessness is not found outside, but found inside?  
How we express this restlessness is based upon the lense through which we experience ourselves and the world.  This lense is our personality type.
What if there were a system that allows us to gain insight into ourselves and others?  What if this system could help us to see ourselves more clearly and become less reactive?  What if this system could help us release our core issues and live with more peace, compassion, and vitality.
There is a system and it's called the Enneagram!
In this workshop, we will...
  • Take the QUEST to identify our Enneagram Type
  • Explore the history of the Enneagram
  • Learn about the various componets of the system
  • Discuss the 9 Types and their core features
  • Explore how the Enneagram supports our psychological and spiritual growth & healing
You will come away from this workshop with valuable and practical information to help in your journey of self-discovery.  You will have better understanding of the people in your life and potential for better relationships.  As a previous attendee shared...
"Using the information I learned from the workshop, for the first time in years, I was able to have a conversation with my son without any conflict.  Thank you."
Fee:  $49 
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