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Deepen Self-Acceptance

It's About Working Through, Not Letting Go

Trying to "just let it go" is about as likely as if I said to you "don't think of a purple elephant" and anything other than a purple elephant came into mind.  The more we resist something, the more it sticks around and we spend all our energy trying to ignore it.     It's like trying to keep a beach ball under water.    It's a lot of work.  

What if we let it come up.  What if we watch it in action. What if we make our reactivity our friend and invite it in for coffee.  Trust me, she has a lot to say!

Why Haven't I gotten Over This Yet ?

As we get to know ourselves better, we begin to notice ourselves in action.  Understanding why we are the way we are allows a new relationship with ourselves and our history to form.  We begin to release the judgment and inner criticism, and hold ourselves with love and compassion.

The amazing part is that as we begin to accept ourselves, we begin to accept others as well.  We've finally opened up space for our life to change!

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