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The Art of Starting Anew

I love this time of year. The holidays mark the end of a year and the anticipation of a new one. For me, it’s a time of reflection and a building of excitement for a new beginning.

This year was a year of great transitions in my life. My son entered the military, leaving my nest empty. My best friend moved 5 states away, taking with her the refuge of our long talks while sitting on her sofa sipping tea. And, I finally went to Paris, after a 30 year delay!

Reflecting on the changes this year, I realized something pretty cool. I faced these changes with grace and invitation. I didn’t fight them or resist them, but rather welcomed them with open arms. 2017 taught me change did not have to equal loss. For me, this was a much-needed lesson.

A new year brings with it an opportunity for a rebirth. Though the truth is this rebirth is available in every moment, aka., now; there is something about this line of demarcation that gives it an extra power. It invites us to set new intentions, to refocus our power, and invigorates us to begin anew.


So I invite you to take some time to reflect on your 2017--your events, accomplishments, and lessons learned. Build your anticipation for 2018, and do some soul searching for what you would like to begin anew.

Food for Thought

What were the big events for you this year?

What did you gain, or possibly, loose?

What lessons did you learn from these experiences?

What do you hope for yourself in the new year?

What are you willing to give your attention to?

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